Mortgage Investment


Our Mortgage Income Funds are designed to provide a stable monthly income, with minimal volatility.

Our investment mandate:

Invest in Our Senior and Junior Mortgage Income Funds

Both funds follow the same investment strategies and guidelines, the main difference being that the Junior Fund takes on slightly higher risk and is designed to generate slightly higher return.

Senior fund

Target annualized return of

Junior fund

Target annualized return of

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Morrison Financial Investment Management

In addition to managing the Mortgage Income Funds, Morrison Financial allows for various other forms of investment.
$ 220 Million

Manager’s Assets Under Management

6 %

Average Annualized Distribution Today

50 %
Loan-to-Value of Investments

What is a Mortgage Income Fund?

With Morrison Financial you are investing directly into tangible assets (mortgage secured real estate) to achieve an attractive risk adjusted return. These investments are not generally available to retail investors.

A Mortgage Income Fund is an investment vehicle that uses a pool of capital to issue private mortgages and pays interest to the investor as monthly income.

These mortgages are secured by something tangible and understandable: residential and commercial real estate.

Our three investment objectives:

  1. Capital preservation
  2. Consistent monthly income
  3. Avoid volatility of equity markets.

Watch our short explainer video and learn more in less than 90 seconds.

Benefits of Investing in a Mortgage Income Fund

Consistent returns

Returns from private mortgages have remained far more consistent than many other types of investments

Secured debt

In the unlikely event a borrower fails to repay a loan, we can take control of the property and sell it to satisfy the debt

Alternative asset class

Help smooth out the ups and downs of your portfolio with an alternative to public market stocks and bonds

Simple & understandable

The investment industry is constantly changing: there's always a "new, shiny object”. Charging interest on mortgages is a tried-and-tested strategy. For over 30 years we have been doing the same thing, and it works.

Our process

What investing with us could look like

Eligibility Requirements

Please review eligibility requirements to invest in our Mortgage Income Funds and understand what sort of an investor you are: accredited, eligible, or non-eligible.

General requirements

Accredited Investors

Eligible Investors

Non-Eligible Investors

What types of mortgages do the funds invest in?

Review some of our key criteria for selecting investments below. If you would like to discuss our investment policies in more detail please reach out to us.

Loan to Value

At Morrison Financial one of the key metrics that we use to evaluate an opportunity is loan-to-value and our acceptable thresholds vary based upon:


Our Mortgage Income Funds lend to projects/ properties within townships or cities which demonstrate:

Each opportunity is reviewed on a case-by-case basis, and independent third-party analysis is conducted on valuations by location.

Exit Strategy

The Borrower must provide a valid exit strategy for the project as reviewed by the Morrison Financial investment committee. Additional considerations such as pre-sale requirements, collateral security, and covenants may be required by the lender to support the exit strategy.


We carefully monitor the composition of our investment funds to ensure that you are investing in a diversified mortgage portfolio:

Reach out to our team to further discuss our diversification and investment policies for the Mortgage Income Funds.

Investor FAQS

Want to learn more about how our Mortgage Income Funds operate? Click through to our FAQs section review commonly asked question or reach out to a representative to discuss.