About Us

Morrison Financial is one of Canada’s leading private financing corporations. Learn more about why we have been successful for over 35 years.

Who we are?

Who we are?

Morrison Financial is a Toronto-based non-bank lender formed in 1987 and has become one of Canada’s longest-standing private finance firms. With roots in traditional asset-based lending, Morrison Financial has expanded to provide mortgage financing to builders and developers and loans to condominium corporations. During its 35 years in business, Morrison Financial has advanced over $1.5 billion in loans.

In 2020, Morrison Financial Senior Mortgage Income Fund and Morrison Financial Junior Mortgage Income Fund were launched as investment vehicles for the public to invest in the company’s mortgage portfolio. The Funds are an alternative asset, fixed-income product available through the exempt market. 

Our financing and investment approach is disciplined and prudent, but flexible in terms of providing creative solutions for our clients. We understand and celebrate the fact that each one of our clients is a unique entity which in turn needs an experienced partner who understands their industry and business.

Our history

In 1987, David Morrison founded Morrison Financial. A lawyer with a background in corporate and commercial transactions, he regularly saw a need for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to have easier and faster access to financing. SMBs in situations of rapid growth or distress often found that their trade account receivables were generally considered illiquid by conventional banks. Available funding was often inadequate for these companies to quickly and efficiently capitalize on opportunities. David saw the need to help SMBs access alternative ways to manage their working capital and this in turn led to the development of Morrison Financial.

While the original goal of Morrison Financial was to provide advance funding against account receivables, the company has grown (along with many of its clients) from strength to strength. Since its founding, the company has evolved into the Morrison Financial Group of Companies, and offers a wide range of flexible and customizable financial services to serve a broadly diversified client base. Commitment to clients and a strong sense of service remains the cornerstone on which Morrison Financial continues to build. Its growth has been and continues to be fueled by direct referrals from satisfied and enduring clients.


David founded Morrison Financial with primary focus on asset based financing.


Business operations primarily focus on Commercial Financing (e.g. factoring) for various product types.


Morrison Financial became the first company in Canada to provide loans to condominium corporations.


Morrison Financial Mortgage Corporation was formed to provide mortgage-based financing.


Morrison Financial partnered with Meridian Credit Union to finance the CondoCorp Term Financing™.


From the founder

“My philosophy has always been to be more than simply a source of money to our clients”

David Morrison


I founded Morrison Financial in 1987 with a view to providing tailored asset-based financing to small and medium-sized businesses that, for one reason or another, were unable to access sufficient operating credit under the structured programmes offered by the major banks. In the beginning, the company was truly a niche or “boutique” financier, offering relatively limited products to a small segment of the business community. Over the years, however, Morrison Financial’s continuing success has enabled it to introduce new and different financial products, so that, today, our group, through its various divisions, is a diversified provider of financial services to hundreds of businesses and individuals throughout Canada, and in some cases beyond.

The ethic of all companies, big or small, starts at the top. At Morrison Financial, our philosophy – my philosophy – has always been to be more than simply a source of money to our clients. Without seeking to supplant the client’s own professional advisors, our in-house professionals approach every financing opportunity with a view to providing, along the way, advice in relation to the full range of challenges encountered by small and medium-sized businesses on a day-to-day basis. Moreover, our services are offered with integrity. We do not entertain arrangements that we do not honestly believe are in the best interests of our client. Documents are clear and easy to understand. There are no hidden fees or charges. Clients are never pressured to sign.

The result of the consistent application of these principles over the years is exemplified in the Success Stories and Testimonials accessible on this website. That we will continue to stand fast by these core principles on a day-to-day basis is my personal promise to you.