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Receive a stable, monthly income – regardless of what is going on in the market – when you invest in one of our Mortgage Income Funds.

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7-8% target annual return

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9-10% target annual return

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What is a Mortgage
Income Fund?

A Mortgage Income Fund is an investment vehicle that uses a pool of capital to issue private mortgages, collects the monthly interest, and passes that onto you – the investor – as a passive monthly income.

These mortgages are secured by real estates in Canada, which is something you know and understand.

Our three investment objectives:

Benefits of a Mortgage Income Fund

Consistent Monthly Income

The income received from private mortgages has remained fairly consistent, unlike many other types of investments

Secured Capital

In the unlikely event a borrower fails to repay a loan, we can take control of the property and sell it to help satisfy the debt

Alternative Asset Class

Help smooth out the ups and downs of your portfolio with an alternative to public market stocks and bonds

Simple & Understandable

The investment industry is constantly changing; there’s always a “new, shiny object”. We believe collecting interest from mortgages to be a tried-and-tested strategy. For over 30 years we’ve been doing the same thing, and it works.

“Commitment to our clients and a strong sense of service remain the cornerstones on which Morrison Financial continues to build.”

David Morrison

David Morrison

Founder, Morrison Financial

Our process

It’s simple and easy to get started and we’re here to answer your questions every step of the way.

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Receive monthly income

After your purchase has gone through, you’re all set. As an investor, you will be receiving monthly payments - directly to your bank account - along with monthly updates and news on the fund.


Absolutely. Much like a rental condo or investment property, our goal is to provide our unitholders with a consistent, monthly income. For many of our investors, this income is reinvested towards a savings goal, for others they take the monthly distribution as cash to help supplement their other sources of income. Some of the benefits of the Mortgage Income Funds over a traditional rental property would be that you don’t have to find tenants, make renovations or updates to the property, and you’d have a more diversified investment as we have multiple loans, over multiple geographies, with multiple borrowers at any one time.

  1. We have over thirty years of successful lending and investing experience.
  2. We invest, and always have invested, right alongside our clients.
  3. We focus on lending only in key metropolitan areas in Ontario. We like to remain “close to home”. This allows us to visit our projects regularly and stay up to date on their progress.
  4. We employ a rigorous underwriting process that has been continuously refined over the past thirty years. We don’t just ask borrowers to fill out a form and then send them a loan; we spend months inspecting the details, examining comparable projects, obtaining third-party valuations to help corroborate our own calculations, and working through the minutia.
  5. We work alongside the borrower for the duration of the project – we don’t just write a cheque on day one and then revisit the site at the end. We do multiple site visits, ensuring the project is on track and within budget. We also do multiple draws on the loan, ensuring that we’re not over-committing our investors’ capital. 
  6. We ensure third-party oversight from established partners for every aspect of our business operations. This ensures continual excellence and regulatory supervision in everything we do. Some examples of companies we work with would be: Meridian Credit Union for Condocorp Financing; Belco Private Capital for Compliance and Investor Relations; SGGG Fund Services for our Fund Administration; Scotiabank for Line of Credit & Business Services; Questrade and Olympia Trust for housing our Registered Accounts (TFSAs and RRSPs).

For us, fee transparency and openness are part of our ongoing promise to deliver best-in-class client services. At the end of the day, the more we take in fees, the less we all earn in investment income. For that reason:

  • We don’t charge any account opening/closing fees;
  • We don’t charge any form of sales commission when you buy;
  • We don’t charge any form of Trading Expense Ratio (TER);
  • We don’t charge “account minimum” fees which are often a result of holding a smaller investment – conversely, your fees aren’t lower if you invest more. We’re all in this together, both large and small investors

Morrison Financial earns an ongoing Management Fee (MER); the structure of this fee is clearly articulated in our Offering Memorandum. All performance figures and target returns are calculated after our management fee has been taken – or “net of management fees”.

If you are an accredited investor, eligible investor, or non-eligible investor (subject to certain limitations), you can invest in the mortgage income funds. These funds are also eligible to be held within certain Registered Accounts like a TFSA or RRSP.

You can get started today with $25,000.

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