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Simple financing solutions for your condominium corporation

From building envelope and parking garages to roof replacements, our condo and strata loans spread the cost of the assets over their lifetimes.

What can you finance with a
Condo Term Loan?

Benefits of a Condo Term Loan

Manageable Monthly Payments

Not all unit owners are alike and our loans can be to all unit owners or a portion of unit owners regardless of the fact that it is to the condominium corporation

No Notice Registered on Unit Title

There will be no lien or mortgage security registered on the title of any individual unit. The loan is to the condominium corporation

Pay for the Asset Over its Life

By paying for the repair or replacement to your condominium over 5, 10, or 15 years, you pay as you use and avoid a special assessment

Does Not Affect Borrowing Capacity

Because the loan is to the condominium corporation it will not affect the personal borrowing capacity of the unit owners

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Condo Loan FAQS

Yes, a condo can borrow, provided that the majority of unit owners vote in favour of doing so.


Major Repair and Replacement

Commonly condominium corporations will borrow to repair building envelope deficiencies, balcony, window and doors, parking garages, elevators, or to replenish the reserve fund.

In some instances, the developer of a new building retains ownership of various assets for sale to the condo at the time of its registration subject to taking back a mortgage for their payment. Often, a CondoTerm loan can replace these developer loans under more attractive terms.

Since a condominium loan is a commercial loan that is not secured by real property the interest rates are slightly higher than a traditional mortgage. Typical rates will be in the range of 4.50% to 5.50% depending on various market factors which change from time to time.


In short, yes. The loan is to the condominium corporation, however, ‘opt outs’ may be permitted. This allows those owners who prefer to pay the assessment up front the opportunity to do so, and allows those unit owners who do not have such capacity the option to participate in the loan. With this structure even those who plan not to participate in the loan may vote in favour of borrowing to allow other owners the opportunity and results in a net positive for the corporation.