Cynthia Nelson

Investment Morrison Financial provides communication that is clear, consistent, and often… Morrison Financial has been available to answer questions and provide support to investors.  Morrison Financial is professional and ethical. I feel I could trust Morrison Financial. 

Jack Wilkinson

Commercial Financing “Morrison Financial has been CLT Logistics primary financial partner for over 17 years, and has supported us through numerous growth spurts. CLT has today established itself as one of the premier product logistics and manufacturing companies in Canada, in the Health, Beauty and Household categories, shipping to over 10,000 retailers globally. We could […]

Jonathan Fine

Condo Term Loans “The most important [financial] development in the condominium industry in years.”

Alan Savage

Mortgage Lending “Morrison Financial consistently provides dependable and highly professional lending services to the development community. Having worked with Morrison Financial for many years, the Morrison team has continuously exceeded our expectations in terms of delivering creative and comprehensive financial solutions, personalized service and timely administrative oversight. This has helped our company, and our clients, […]

Norman Shore

Condo Term Loans “A true win-win situation for both the condominium corporation and the contractor. We found the people at Morrison Financial to be completely professional and responsive.”

Kelly Hankinson

Commercial Financing “Morrison Financial helped the senior management team of Thinkpath Engineering Services (TES) complete a management buyout in 2011, and since then has provided us with flexible asset based term lending. We have enjoyed not only having Morrison Financial as a lender and equity partner, but also as an important business partner whose expertise […]

Dan Marion

Mortgage Lending “Morrison Financial understood our specific needs and quickly provided us with the financing package that best suited our project. As a financial partner, Morrison has comprehensive knowledge of the commercial development and construction process. This allows them to respond to the many different scenarios presented themselves during the development cycle. In our experience, […]