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Providing tailored financing to small and medium sized businesses.

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Debt and Equity Financing of SMBs

For over 30 years, Morrison Financial has been providing factoring, asset based lending, and equity type financing to small to medium sized businesses.

Construction Mortgage Financing

We provide construction financing, commercial, industrial, and residential mortgage-based financing for non-conventional projects.

CondoCorp Term Financing™

A unique financing product to condominium corporations which are faced with expenses for the repair or maintenance of common elements.

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Why Morrison Financial

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Our agreements are simple. We want our clients to be transparent so that we can understand their business and, we will strive to make sure that our relationship is the same.

Mutual Benefit

We only want to provide facilities and investments in businesses and projects where we feel that both parties derive mutually beneficial outcomes from the partnership.


We see each deal as a partnership, and welcome ongoing discussions with our partners to see how we can best help them succeed. We strive to be more than just a source of financing.

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